About me and CV

I started to reach out with my work in january 2016

* Café Højbyhus, Odense may-june.   *Nordic Watercolour, juried membership triennal for NAS, Hillerød Denmark, aug-okt.   * Juried show Vadehavets censurerede udstilling, mixed arts, Skærbæk Denmark, okt.


* IWS Albania int. juried show, Tirana, mars-april.   * Arcitect office Sweco, Kolding Denmark, feb-mars.   * Galleri Vilan, Frövi Sweden, mars.   * Bovbjerg fyr, gallery in a lighthouse, Jutland Denmark, may.  * IWS Slovakia int. juried show, Bratislava aug-sept.

* Article on Arches artist paper’s website, oct 2017 On working with plant pigment watercolours

Please don’t put me in a box…

… this is my life story in very short words! I want to share it, because my watercolour work is a very integrated part of it. What I paint and how I do it is a result of the life I’ve lived.

I was born in Malmberget, northern Sweden in 1955. Five years young I moved to western Jämtland, a mountain area, geographically in the middle of Sweden. I already at that age became a little botanist, the wild plants became my best friends and I often escaped into nature to get some peace and space. I received my first flora from my grandmother the summer before starting school and was so happy to get to know the proper names of all my friends! Tussilago farfara above all was my best…

I lived in Göteborg on the west coast for many years, studying to become physiotherapist and archeologist and worked for some years with the latter. Mothered a son. Divorced. Started to work with watercolours a bit, but just for a year. A very cultural and intellectual period.

I moved to the inland and was a small hold biodynamic farmer/gardener for many years, including working as therapist and many other things. Mothered a son. Divorced. No serious art painting, since farm and family kept me fully engaged. Much more of window and wall painting… A very earthbound, practical period.

I sold the farm and went vagabonding around in Sweden for some years, helping out on organic initiatives and such. On the way I produced a quarterly magazine about soil, food and people. Worked with coaching stress rehabilitation garden initiativs. Was a freelancing journalist. For two years I lived a very simple, natural life in a log house, in the wild rocky nature by the sea, on island Orust. I didn’t paint, but photographed a lot and wrote poems. A very flexibel and creative period.

I had for a short time a very old house, where I run a herb shop with handmade products (made by me), art gallery and small café. A hectic period with much learning, but not my thing and place.

I moved to Denmark in 2011 to help out in an organic/biodynamic production and lived in a caravan for some years. I worked a little with watercolours as best I could in that small space. A hard working period with the excitement of landing in a new country.

Since 2014 I live in my own built lovely studio in the old horse stable, finally working seriously with watercolour. Gardening for others in season gets me fresh air and good health…

I am mostly autodidact in artwork. I attended evening classes for a year around 1990, where I learned the basics, with mixing colours and technics and started to draw and sketch. After that not much was done until 2013, when I started do really devote myself to watercolour and give it priority. I prefer painting by myself. I need the calm and love the intense concentration that goes with my way of painting. Therefore I also prefer to work indoors and it makes a fine balance to the gardening work outdoors in the wind, sun and rain.

My life has thus a nice rhythm of outdoor and indoor time, of physical work and studio work.


I am member of NAS Nordic Watercolour Society
Vera Billing.


Self-portrait as young watercolour


Vera Billing.